Rob Flello MP calls for national roads renaissance

Research out today shows Britain’s roads are the most congested in Europe.  Data company, Inrix, monitored traffic in 123 cities across the continent and found that nearly half of the worst traffic black spots are in the UK.  Rob says, “Britain has fallen so far behind in investment in our roads that we’re heading for a grinding halt.  This gridlock can only seriously injure the economy at the worst possible time because we need everything running smoothly by the time we exit the EU.”

“The government’s committed to spending £56 billion on HS2,” he says.  “The cost will inevitably soar, it won’t be completed for decades and its benefits are questionable at the least.  That figure is almost three times the whole of the annual Transport budget.  The Chancellor announced an extra £1.3 billion for road improvements in the autumn statement but that again is peanuts by comparison and hides double-counting and already announced schemes.  We’re reaching a point of no return where Britain’s roads lead nowhere, least of all to post-Brexit prosperity.”

Rob adds, “It’s time to bite the bullet and to accept that we need to make serious investment on a national scale to get the country moving again.  The economy needs the boost derived from infrastructure spending and every inch of renewed tarmac would pay for itself in a matter of years.  This report simply proves that.”

The report calculates the cost to the economy of delays caused by congestion at more than £60 billion – fifty per cent higher than Germany which is the next most congested country in Europe. “Our European colleagues are soon to become our closest competitors and if they can move goods more quickly and cheaply than we can the implications are plain for anyone to see.”