February 2017

All Party Freight group hears post-Brexit prophecies

The All Party Parliamentary Freight Transport Group of MPs has heard how changes to the way the industry functions in Britain may be slow in coming following the country’s exit from the EU.  The group heard from Ian Jones, a solicitor with long-established transport law firm, Backhouse Jones, that much existing regulation as it relates to safety is likely to stay the same post-Brexit and is unlikely to be watered down. 

For example, AETR rules on tachographs and drivers’ hours are expected to remain unaltered.  Mr Jones said that other systems like Operator licensing, predate EU membership so are also likely to be left as they are.  Whatever change does come, he said, would be very gradual when put into the context of the huge body of law up for review after Brexit.  Mr Jones said the area where the future was least clear was employment law, in particular the Working time Directive and TUPE regulations, which may be subject to eventual review.