June 2014

Government has "lost control of NHS finances", says Rob, as figures show UHNS is £25 million in the red

ROB has accused the Government of having “lost control of the NHS’s finances” after highlighting figures showing nationally the NHS is more than £100 million in the red.

He spoke as reports suggest ministers are using emergency funds to tackle an unprecedented summer crisis in accident and emergency departments and an increasing backlog of operations.

The Coalition: four wasted years

*On Friday, May 9, 2014, an article headlined 'The Coalition: a performance review'  appeared in The Catholic Universe, the biggest selling Catholic newspaper for Great Britain and Ireland. It was written by Chris Whitehouse, a Conservative councillor and chairman of a Westminster political consultancy. The following article, 'The Coalition: four wasted years', is Rob's response. A version of it was published in The Catholic Universe on Friday, May 23, 2014.

READING his verdict on the Coalition’s four years in power, I can’t help wondering if my good friend Chris Whitehouse has spent too long in the company of Lynton Crosby, the pugilistic propagandist running the Tories’ 2015 General Election campaign.

For paragraph after paragraph, he gives the Government a free hand to showboat with its less than impressive political ring-craft, landing all of his punches on the Opposition except for a perfunctory nudge in his own side’s ribs just seconds before the final bell.